Can do attitude



Club 10


I was a double award winner today, my Club 10 and my 2.5stone award.

Very happy with that, it was my Dads birthday yesterday and we had Birthday cake but I didn’t have any (but will today) and although I ate a few sausage rolls (my problem food) I didn’t eat lots of the food and had a packet of ham and fruit instead of the cakes and chocolates.

Off to the theatre this afternoon and out for a meal with Mum, Dad and Husband after, I will eat and enjoy then go back to plan.

Mum does SW too but doesn’t treat herself and sometimes starves herself and I relax my plan at weekends and lose more weight than her, got to get her relaxing more.


Well relaxing Mum worked, we had ice cream🍦 at the theatre and a gorgeous meal afterwards and then birthday cake 🍰
Fingers crossed she loses weight next Thursday or I’m for the chop 😬

Looking forward

Did well yesterday, stuck to the plan all day and feel positive.

Got a couple of things to look forward to this year so want to look and feel my best.
I’ve got the holiday in the summer and in June it’s the Robbie Williams concert and don’t want to feel all hot and sweaty before the concert even starts!


Mr C is fixing my treadmill as we speak so going to start using that, not going to push to hard but little steps…

Slimming World Newbie’s Shopping List


So you’ve joined Slimming World. Well done for taking the biggest step! Now you know you’ve got the balls to try and lose weight, the hard work begins! The most important thing you can do to help you have a great first week is READ THE BOOKS. Read them properly, you’ve paid for them, and they contain all the information you need to start dropping weight. After my first weigh in, I read them whilst scoffing my last supper of a Chinese. It was epic. But before I went and got my takeaway, I went shopping for a few essentials to get me through the next morning as a hopeful Slimming World newbie. The next day came The Big Shop. I knew what I was going to be eating, and I knew what I needed. Off I went.

If you think that Slimming World could work for you, then you…

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