Cheese and Onion Mini Quiche

โ™ฅ Cheese & Onion Mini Quiches โ™ฅ

They work out at 0.5 syns per quiche

112g Kerry Low Low Full Flavoured Mature Cheddar Spread (this is 3 syns per 28g)
250g of low fat cottage cheese
3 eggs
1 red onion
2 spring onions
Salt & pepper
Garlic granules

Melt the Kerry Low low cheese spread in the microwave for 40 seconds.
Add the 3 eggs & cottage cheese to a mixing bowl, chop up the onions and mix altogether.
Add the melted cheese, mix well & season.
Add some garlic granules for extra flavour.
Cook on gas mark 6 for around 20-30 minutes or until golden brown.




This is a recipe made today, got it from a lady on my FB SW group.



Salmon Pรขtรฉ

Syn-free on Extra Easy and Original


200g cooked skinless and boneless salmon (use leftover cooked salmon, or buy precooked salmon fillets)

200g quark

Good pinch of dried chilli flakes or other spicy seasoning

1 tablespoon lemon juice

1 tablespoon chopped parsley or coriander (optional)

salt and ground black pepper to taste


Simply blend all the ingredients together in a food processor, or you can mash with a fork for a coarser texture. Check and adjust the seasoning and blend again.


Slimming World Burgers

454g (1lb) mince (free on EE or Red day)
1 Red Onion
1 White Onion
Spring Onions
1 Red Pepper
Salt and Pepper
Mini babybel light cheeses (A choice)

Put the onions and peppers in a blender, until chopped finely.

Mix all the ingredients, apart from the cheese, together.

Form into burger shapes and put cheese in the middle.

Place on baking tray with Frylight.

Bake in oven 220c for 20-30mins turning once.

Served with roasted peppers, beans and Slimming World chips




KFC style chicken

10 Chicken Strips (skinless)
1 Tub Chicken Bovril Paste
1 Egg
2 tsp Garlic
2 tsp Black Pepper
1 tsp Mixed Spice
1 tsp mild chilli powder
2 slices brown bread
1 tsp mixed herbs

Place chicken in a deep pan filled with water.
Bring to the boil and simmer for 30 mins.
Drain and leave to cool.

Place the bread and mixed herbs into a food processor and blend until
crumbled and empty onto a large dish.

Scoop out all the Bovril paste into a small bowl.

Mix in the egg, garlic, pepper, spice and chilli until you have a paste.

Pre-heat the oven and spray fry light on a baking tray.

Dip the chicken into the paste then roll in the breadcrumbs until fully


Cook on 200c for 15-20 mins or until the breadcrumbs have started to go
brown and crisp.

For a first attempt it tasted lovely but we did have too much of the
spices (we’d done 2tsp each) so would reduce the amounts.

Served it with Slimming World chips and beans.