3 Stone later

Well, I finally got my 3 stone award! (Wahey), and have now lost a total of 3 stone and half a pound.

I feel better in myself but I don’t really feel like I’ve lost weight, I suppose its because I still have a huge way to go.

I really need to stop binge eating at weekends, I basically have weigh in on Thursday and then eat anything I want until Sunday, but if I could just have one treat a week I would be better.

I had been taking a B12 supplement which I’ve run out of so I do feel more tired now, will go get some tomorrow. When I was having it daily, I found I had more energy and was doing more cooking.

I did notice a difference for me on Friday when Nic & I went to see Robbie Williams, I had been worrying that I would sweat like mad and look terrible as we had a long walk to the ground from the car park and then up 3 tiers to our seats… but I did well and was hardly out of breath, and my make up stayed fab!

When we went 2 years ago (about the same time of year) I really struggled and was bed ridden for a week after!

I’ve bought some new clothes for the holiday and feel more confident. So something is changing within me.


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