Hello hello, here I am


Had a few months of madness and put on 12lbs since my last weigh in back in September, so went back to group on Thursday.

It’s been my birthday and Julie’s so knew there was no point going back before that as I would have cheated and felt bad, so I had a date in mind (17th October) and stuck to it.
It was exactly 12 months since I joined SW and have lost in total 1stone 6lbs which isn’t too great but better than gaining that!

I’m in a more positive frame of mind and doing CBT which teaches you to change your negative thoughts into positive ones.

Mr C is ready to do it too and I have a goal to aim for- next October, I am going to Rome with Mum and also possibly going to Benidorm for Julie’s 50th, so 12 months to lose great amounts.

Must be honest though, I did go out and have pizza last night at the cinema but am getting all my shopping tomorrow and will be 100% on plan


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