I’m back on track and raring to go!
Weigh in today and lost 3lbs, making 7⃣lbs in 2 weeks!


So, Mr C and I have had a good talk this week and both feel more inspired, he went to docs last week and got a pain relief patch which is doing wonders for him (if only we’d had that before) and we have stuck to plan 90% this week, we had take-away last Thursday but nothing since (I had a bite of a burger and a couple of chips when I was at Old Trafford on Tuesday)

I’m feeling more positive and looking forward to life.

Bring it on!


Rome(ing) around

I’m off to Rome next October with my Mum, she wants to do a pilgrimage with church, Dad isn’t up for it, so she is taking me (as my birthday present!).

We went to the meeting last night and it sounds hectic and will be a lot of walking, queuing and standing, which, in my current state I won’t be able to do so I have to lose weight so I don’t let Mum down and embarrass myself.

I’ll be the youngest in the group by at least 35 years and currently am the most unfit, but that will all change.

I’ll be dancing round the Trevi fountain and up and down the Spanish Steps like nobody’s business


Hello hello, here I am


Had a few months of madness and put on 12lbs since my last weigh in back in September, so went back to group on Thursday.

It’s been my birthday and Julie’s so knew there was no point going back before that as I would have cheated and felt bad, so I had a date in mind (17th October) and stuck to it.
It was exactly 12 months since I joined SW and have lost in total 1stone 6lbs which isn’t too great but better than gaining that!

I’m in a more positive frame of mind and doing CBT which teaches you to change your negative thoughts into positive ones.

Mr C is ready to do it too and I have a goal to aim for- next October, I am going to Rome with Mum and also possibly going to Benidorm for Julie’s 50th, so 12 months to lose great amounts.

Must be honest though, I did go out and have pizza last night at the cinema but am getting all my shopping tomorrow and will be 100% on plan

The weekend is the worst

Went back to group on Thursday and haven’t eaten properly yet!

Been a funny old weekend so hardly ate anything.

Up with the larks this morning so had my weetabix and milk (my healthy extras) and we have lots of fresh meat and veg so think we’ll try and make kebabs later 😋

3 Stone later

Well, I finally got my 3 stone award! (Wahey), and have now lost a total of 3 stone and half a pound.

I feel better in myself but I don’t really feel like I’ve lost weight, I suppose its because I still have a huge way to go.

I really need to stop binge eating at weekends, I basically have weigh in on Thursday and then eat anything I want until Sunday, but if I could just have one treat a week I would be better.

I had been taking a B12 supplement which I’ve run out of so I do feel more tired now, will go get some tomorrow. When I was having it daily, I found I had more energy and was doing more cooking.

I did notice a difference for me on Friday when Nic & I went to see Robbie Williams, I had been worrying that I would sweat like mad and look terrible as we had a long walk to the ground from the car park and then up 3 tiers to our seats… but I did well and was hardly out of breath, and my make up stayed fab!

When we went 2 years ago (about the same time of year) I really struggled and was bed ridden for a week after!

I’ve bought some new clothes for the holiday and feel more confident. So something is changing within me.

It’s been a while

Not been doing very well at this weight loss thing, I’ve been yo-yo’ing up and down for months and keep getting stuck just before I reach my 3 stone target.

I think I’ve been sabotaging myself as my smear is due and I said to myself I would do it when I got to my 3 st….

Needless to say I haven’t done either yet so I’m biting the bullet and will go have it done next week and get on track with weight loss.

We went away last week and it was P’s birthday too so I’ve over indulged and the scales showed a 6.5 lb GAIN

I’ve gotta get my head back in the game, keeping a note of my food intake, tracking syns etc.

It’s 60 days til our holiday so I need to get myself back in gear

£ for lb

Decided to start matching my weight loss £ for lb, using a very old ice cream tub (I promise I haven’t had that since being on plan) have put my £2 in for this week and going to use it towards my holiday in July / August