Club 10


I was a double award winner today, my Club 10 and my 2.5stone award.

Very happy with that, it was my Dads birthday yesterday and we had Birthday cake but I didn’t have any (but will today) and although I ate a few sausage rolls (my problem food) I didn’t eat lots of the food and had a packet of ham and fruit instead of the cakes and chocolates.

Off to the theatre this afternoon and out for a meal with Mum, Dad and Husband after, I will eat and enjoy then go back to plan.

Mum does SW too but doesn’t treat herself and sometimes starves herself and I relax my plan at weekends and lose more weight than her, got to get her relaxing more.


Well relaxing Mum worked, we had ice cream🍦 at the theatre and a gorgeous meal afterwards and then birthday cake 🍰
Fingers crossed she loses weight next Thursday or I’m for the chop 😬